Google’s Pixel Camera 9.2 Gets Even Smarter: Night Sight Time Lapse, Ultra HDR, and More

Hold onto your hats, Pixel fans, because Google just made your camera even more powerful. The latest update to the Pixel Camera 9.2 packs a punch of new features, specifically designed for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

(Image credit: Google)

Longer Night Sight Time Lapse: Capture stunning night scenes in a whole new way. Now, record five minutes of 1080p video or 20 minutes of 4K video and watch it transform into a breathtaking 10-second timelapse, thanks to Google’s advanced Night Sight technology. Previously, you were limited to just a single second of output footage, but that’s ancient history now.

Ultra HDR: Take your photos to the next level with this dedicated option in the advanced camera settings. Ultra HDR pushes Google’s HDR algorithm to the limit, producing images with even more vibrant colors and richer details compared to the standard HDR+ processing.

Palm Timer Always On: No need to fumble with the timer anymore! The clever Palm Timer feature, which lets you take photos by simply flashing your palm at the camera, now has an “always active” mode. Perfect for capturing spontaneous moments without missing a beat.

But wait, there’s more! A closer look at the app’s code hints at even more exciting features to come. The first potential addition seems tailor-made for the Pixel Fold. The code mentions the rear/outer display showing a subject preview while the inner button can be used to snap the shot – a game-changer for selfies and group photos.

The second hidden gem hints at a possible merging of two existing features: Top Shot and Best Take. Top Shot lets you choose the best still from a motion photo, while Best Take helps you pick the best facial expression from different shots. Combining these functionalities could be a recipe for photo perfection.

Get your hands on the update: Google is now rolling out the Pixel Camera v9.2 update, but you can also download it manually from the Play Store if you can’t wait. Remember, this update is specifically for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro owners, so your older Pixel device might not receive all the goodies just yet.

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